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Job title: Telecommunications Specialist (COMSEC)

Company: ABS Group

Job description: Job Description:

Job Description

We are looking for a Telecommunications Specialist – Communications Security (COMSEC) – to support the Division of Sealift Operations and Emergency Report of the Maritime Administration (MARAD). The objective of the position is to deliver and sustain MARAD’s assets (Afloat and Ashore) with reliable secure means of communications. The position will assist MARAD with the COMSEC program used to manage the planning, implementation, and operations of secure communications systems. This involves policy related to the National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Transportation (DoT), Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of the Navy (DoN), and Type Commanders.

What You Will Do:

  • Interpret overarching policy from NSA, DOT, DoD, DoN, Type Commanders, and other COMSEC related organizations.
  • Establish processes and procedures based on NSA, DoT, DoD, and DoN policy for the delivery, handling, operation, accountability, retention, and disposition of COMSEC material.
  • Planning, directing, and coordinating activities to accomplish delivery, accountability, and maintenance of critical secure Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems (C4S) capabilities.
  • Plan and coordinate the centralized procurement and distribution of COMSEC material, ashore and afloat.
  • Ensure personnel interacting with COMSEC material are properly trained, obtain/retain appropriate clearance, and are designated in writing in accordance with NSA policy.
  • Advise MARAD on the security and handling of COMSEC material and associated records, reports and audits.
  • Interpret, recommend, and oversee implementation of new agency-wide policies, procedures, and instructions with respect to the COMSEC Program.
  • Support MARAD in possible waivers to governing agencies to support MARAD’s unique requirements.
  • Identify and administer break/fix level of support based on analysis, history, and usage at the near-depot level.
  • Assess the effectiveness of current processes and procedures to plan, design, and operate secure telecommunications.
  • Support the COMSEC Equipment Life Cycle Management (LCM) requirements which is comprised of configuration management, firmware upgrades, software updates, IAVA patches, and battery management.
  • Coordinate with DoD and ship managers to ensure crew ship manger personnel and MARAD employees are issued SIPR access tokens and common access cards for access to secure DoD communications equipment.
  • Work with NSA to ensure that COMSEC equipment, publications, and keying material inventories are maintained in an up-to-date status.
  • Support the implementation and practice of Two-Person Integrity (TPI) procedures at MARAD facilities ashore and afloat aboard MARAD ships.
  • Conduct in-house audits and assist visits of COMSEC Local Elements/Hand Receipt Holders.
  • Support MARAD in the development and implementation of the COMSEC program.
  • Support MARAD in stakeholder engagement through briefings, status reports, meetings, and other

What You Will Need:

  • Primary knowledge requirements include MARAD’s C4S capabilities and operations, NSA, DoD, and DoN C4S security policies and procedures, COMSEC management comprising Electronic Keying Material System (EKMS) and elements of security, service operations, knowledge management, system analysis, and information assurance. Extensive direct support to MARAD ships is required.
  • Knowledge of C4S compliance policies and procedures as established by NSA, DoT, DoD, and DoN.
  • Knowledge and experience with COMSEC and EKMS management.
  • Detailed knowledge and experience with C4S operations and maintenance.
  • Ability to deal effectively with a wide variety of stakeholders, varied in rank and technical background.
  • Skill in planning and directing project activities and resources related to Audit (inspection) performance.
  • Ability to communicate complex technical information, ideas, and recommendations effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to establish and maintain relationships with key individuals and groups outside of your immediate work unit.
  • Ability to analyze, evaluate, and resolve problems.


  • Knowledge of government and U.S. Navy procurement regulations and skill in applying same to C4S operations.
  • Prior military experience with COMSEC or a similar telecommunications technical officer specialty/rating/MOS.
  • Project management experience.

About Us: We set out more than 160 years ago to promote the security of life and property at sea and preserve the natural environment. Today, we remain true to our mission and continue to support organizations facing a rapidly evolving seascape of challenging regulations and new technologies. Through it all, we are anchored by a vision and mission that help our clients find clarity in uncertain times.

ABS is a global leader in marine and offshore classification and other innovative safety, quality, and environmental services. We’re at the forefront of supporting the global energy transition at sea, the application of remote and autonomous marine systems, cutting-edge technical solutions, and many more exciting advancements. Our commitment to safety, reliability, and efficiency is ever-present, guiding our clients to safer and more efficient operations.

About Our Benefits

ABS Group proudly offers a variety of industry-leading benefits designed to enhance the life and well-being of our employees and their families. These benefits include, but are not limited to, medical insurance (PPO and HD), dental and vision insurance, Health Savings account (HSA), Flexible Savings Account (FSA), life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, disability leave programs, parental leave program, paid holidays, and paid vacation time. The Company provides an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) that offers additional support in personal wellness, including work-life services. ABS Group also offers a 401K plan with a generous company match, subject to plan requirements.

Equal Opportunity

The ABS Group of Companies is committed to the equal employment opportunity of its employees and prohibits discrimination against any employee or qualified applicant based on race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status or veteran status, or other non-work-related characteristics that may be protected under the law of the Federal Government or specific state employment laws.


ABS and Affiliated Companies (ABS) will not pay a fee to any third-party agency without a valid ABS Master Service Agreement (MSA) authorized and signed by Human Resources. Any resume, CV, application, or other forms of candidate submission provided to any employee of ABS without a valid MSA on file will be considered property of ABS, and no fee will be paid.


This job description is not intended, and should not be construed, to be an all-inclusive list of responsibilities, skills, efforts or working conditions associated with the job of the incumbent. It is intended to be an accurate reflection of the principal job elements essential for making a fair decision regarding the pay structure of the job. #ogjs

Expected salary:

Location: Washington DC

Job date: Sat, 08 Jul 2023 04:06:48 GMT

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