Job Vacancy SYSTEM TECHNICIAN- Telecommunications GPAC

Job title: SYSTEM TECHNICIAN- Telecommunications

Company: GPAC

Job description: Role is based primarily on self-directed configuration, maintenance, repair, application, training, installation, learning, growth, leadership, teaching, and training.

System tech 100% performance level is defined as:

  • Has seen all SA systems and knows all the customers and where most of the skeletons are, is trained in all items necessary for these accounts. Is familiar with the multi-level account (law, fire, etc) and can work appropriately within and across disciplines as needed. Has taken primary responsibility for at least one county.
  • Can independently handle on-call shifts and be an accessible sounding board for less-experienced technicians who are on call.
  • Is factory-trained on ARMER-level equipment fixed equipment; consoles, GTR/ESS/ARMER sites, MCC7500 consoles and all related equipment.
  • Has taken the Common Practices training and has ARMER site access.
  • Is a certified CET in at least one (preferably more) journeyman category.

System Technicians are the “do it all” technical people.


All the Field Technician items listed in the next section, plus:

  • Technical writing, proposals, job pricing and planning, customer communication.
  • Project Management development, planning, execution, verification, monitoring, closing. Large and small system planning, development, training, and problem mitigation.
  • Site surveys and documentation, from both the high-level and the detailed viewpoint, with a practiced eye towards potential problems, obstacles, and design flaws large and small.
  • Certifications: PLT (Minnesota), ETA journeyman (minimum of one), MNDOT, Motorola R56 plus those as may be required for specific customers or product families.
  • Participate in the on-call rotation; able to independently communicate with customers to determine possible problem and act accordingly.
  • Independently plan, configure, install, troubleshoot, advise upon, customer train (when needed), and maintain the following systems:
  • P25 ASTRO implementation (MN ARMER), (IA ISCS)
  • BDA systems; install, troubleshooting and operational verification.
  • IP-based camera system configuration, installation, and testing.
  • Camera systems; IP, analog, basic photography (lenses, lighting, etc)
  • POE in common forms
  • MCC7500; PM, console programming, paging, op position programming, backups, specialized networking, training, troubleshooting,
  • Simulcast and multicast paging
  • Tools and Test Equipment

Service monitors (intimate with one, basic operational with any), Spectrum analysis, RF sweeping equipment, time-domain reflectometry, hand tools, crimpers, oscilloscopes, DC and AC test equipment and metering, audio levels measurement and adjustment, mechanical ability sufficient to use whatever is available at the time to get the job done..

Expected salary: $40 – 45 per hour

Location: North Mankato, MN

Job date: Fri, 28 Jul 2023 22:00:35 GMT

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