Job Vacancy Public Key Infrastructure Test Lab Test and Evaluation Info Computer Telecommunication Test and Evaluation Specialist Jacobs

Job title: Public Key Infrastructure Test Lab Test and Evaluation Info Computer Telecommunication Test and Evaluation Specialist

Company: Jacobs

Job description: Job Description:Overall Description for the JITC PKI Lab will monitor current and emerging technologies, maintain the Test Lab’s environment. The employee will collect, integrate, generate, and analyze operational systems, technical architectures, organizational structures, workflows, governance, and applicable tools for the development, maintenance, and evolution of DoD/DISA systems. This includes engineering and technical documentation, engineering drawings, system(s) designs, architectures, engineering changes, and test configurations. Employee will regularly verify a hardware and software baseline for all laboratory systems to ensure the laboratory mirrors the production enclaves. The employee will track, implement, verify, and release Change Requests (CRs) prior to their installation in the production environments. The employee shall maintain current architecture diagrams of the systems and any interim solution architectures as systems modify, change, and upgrade. Employee will also provide support to conceptualizing emerging architecture adoptions. Shall provide information and complete written records of equipment installation for dissemination; records, to include overall lab layout, rack diagrams, and connectivity internal/external diagrams shall be maintained for inspection by the Government.This position entails the conduct of testing, upgrades, and troubleshooting in accordance with (IAW) the guidance provided by the Program Management Office (PMO). Employee will conduct baseline end-to-end testing of the DoD PKI test environment on a regular basis to observe any effects caused by implementation of Change Request. Requires the employee to reproduce issues found in the production environment as required by the PKI PMO to assist the PKI development community in determining a fix for these issues and then test the fixes and observe their effect on the DoD PKI test infrastructure. Requires employee to coordinate and perform testing of the Nagios monitoring system to include test planning, execution, analysis, and reporting. Requires employee to coordinate and perform testing of the Robust Certificate Validation Services (RCVS) to include test planning, execution, analysis, and reporting. Needs to be capable to coordinate and perform testing of the Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) to include test planning, execution, analysis, and reporting. Employee shall test Public Key Enabled (PKE) applications to determine if they are interoperable with the DoD PKI. Will perform PKE standards compliance testing of External Certification Authority (ECA) issued certificates, Certificates Revocation Lists (CRL), and Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) request and response formats, to include interoperability testing of ECA issued certificates and CRLs. Will test OCSP Responders to determine if they interoperate with the DoD PKI. Will conduct interoperability and assurance level testing between Federal agencies, the four Combined Communications Electronics Board (CCEB) nations, and the DoD PKI.Performs technical assignments in the general areas of C5ISR, AIS, and IT/NSS, applying broad technical knowledge in one or more areas on specific systems or applications. Work requires knowledge of customary approaches, techniques, and requirements knowledge appropriate for the assigned C5ISR, AIS, and IT/NSS, including legacy systems and latest trends in related technologies. Requires specialized experience in evaluating, analyzing, maintaining, managing, or improving telecommunications system performance. Follows specific layout and diagrams to construct, implement, and operate devices and subunits of equipment. Ensures uninterrupted access to all telecommunication features in support of T&E efforts. Designs, develops, and tests telecommunications software solutions. Reviews, analyzes, develops, installs, and modifies computer operating systems. Analyzes and resolves problems associated with operating systems. Interprets manufacturer manuals or similar documents. Detects, diagnoses, and reports related problems. Provides user training of the telecommunications features and functionality. Makes suggestions to end users regarding communications software and hardware solutions. Provides documentation/project tracking and management reporting. Coordinates upgrade specifications and schedules with internal or external users and ensures proper integration. Provides tactical and strategic input to overall network planning and related projects.

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Location: Fort Huachuca, AZ

Job date: Sat, 27 Jan 2024 23:39:17 GMT

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