Job Vacancy Production Shift WestRock

Job title: Production Shift

Company: WestRock

Job description: Production Shift

139 Price Farm Rd
Cowpens, South Carolina, 29330
United States


Perform various production jobs and duties as required to meet the needs of the mill. There are a total of nine (9) production jobs and the requirement is to have the ability to qualify on at least seven (7) of the nine (9) jobs.


Unload OCC from trucks and complete all associated paper work involved for materials coming into the warehouse.
Operate a grab truck to unload, store, retrieve, and cut wires from bales and place bales on chain conveyor to feed Pulper.
Maintain a steady and uninterrupted supply of OCC bales to the Pulper.
Have working knowledge in the selection of the appropriate mix of various types of OCC bales to the Pulper.
Cut, remove and control all ragger tails at pulper.
Maintain, with a computerized system, all stock levels to the Mill, ensuring level consistency, etc.
Operate the Reel utilizing mechanical controls as well as computer control.
Operate the Winder to ensure paper rolls are cut and prepared to Customer specification. This includes manual operation of systems as well as computerized control.
Load rolls of finished product onto trailers and rail cars for delivery to customer.
Maintain housekeeping standards in all areas of the mill.
Perform any other duties as assigned.
Must be able to push/pull 50+ pounds.
Ability to work 12 hour shifts in hot and cold environment.
Ability to climb up and down steps on frequent basis during 12-hour shift.
Ability to stand, squat and bend on a frequent basis during 12-hour shift.
Use of hands, arms in close quarters to operate heavy machinery.
Must be able to work on floors that are uneven and often wet.
Ability to maintain attention at high level to job operations for 12-hour periods.


This position does not have supervisory responsibilities.
Supervises subordinate employees. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; addressing complaints and resolving problems.


High School Diploma or GED

Job Requirements
Must be willing to work rotating 12 hour day and night shifts
Must be willing to work a four 4 day on / 4 day off shift rotation
Must be willing to work weekends and holidays
Must be willing to work overtime as required
Must be willing to work off days during scheduled mill outages
Must have basic computer skills

Previous Work Experience
Lift Truck experience preferred
Prior manufacturing experience required


Performs tasks and duties under direct supervision, using well-defined policies and procedures. Work is reviewed by supervisor. Limited opportunity exists for exercising independent judgment and decision-making. Refers most problems to supervisor.
Performs tasks and duties under general supervision, using established procedures and innovation. Chooses from limited alternatives to resolve problems. Occasional independent judgment is required to complete work assignments. Often makes recommendations to work procedures, policies and practices. Refers unusual problems to supervisor.
Performs duties within scope of general policies, procedures and objectives. Analyzes problems and performs needs assessments. Uses judgment in adapting broad guidelines to achieve desired result.Regularly exercises independent judgment within accepted practices. Makes recommendations that affect policies, procedures and practices.Refers exceptions to policy and procedures to the supervisor.
Develops objectives and general policies and procedures for a specific program or functional area of responsibility within general scope of established operational goals and plans.Day-to-day work and decisions do not require direction or review by immediate supervisor. End results are reviewed by supervisor. Strategic issues are referred to supervisor.
Develops strategic direction, goals, plans and policies for an area of responsibility. Sets broad objectives and is accountable for overall results in respective area of responsibility. Authority to make independent decisions on matters of significance. Requires high degree of independent judgment and problem solving of complex problems.


Physical Activities Required to Satisfactorily Perform the Job (check all that apply)
Climbing: Ascending or descending ladders, stairs, scaffolding, ramps, poles and the like; using feet and legs and/or hands and arms. Body agility is emphasized. Check only if the amount and kind of climbing required exceeds that required for ordinary locomotion.
Balancing: Maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling when walking, standing or crouching on narrow, slippery or erratically moving surfaces. Check only if the amount and kind of balancing exceeds that needed for ordinary locomotion and maintenance of body equilibrium.
Stooping: Bending body downward and forward by bending spine at the waist. Check only if it occurs to a considerable degree and requires full use of the lower extremities and back muscles.
Kneeling: Bending legs at knee to come to a rest on knee or knees.
Crouching: Bending the body downward and forward by bending leg and spine.
Crawling: Moving about on hands and knees or hands and feet.
Reaching: Extending hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction.
Standing: Particularly for sustained periods of time.
Walking: Moving about on foot to accomplish tasks, particularly for long distances.
Pushing: Using upper extremities to exert force in order to draw, press against something with steady force in order to thrust forward, downward or outward.
Pulling: Using upper extremities to exert force in order to draw, drag, haul or tug objects in a sustained motion.
Lifting: Raising objects from a lower to a higher level or moving objects horizontally from place-to-place. Check only if it occurs to a considerable degree and requires substantial use of the upper extremities and back muscles.
Fingering: Picking, pinching, typing or otherwise working primarily with fingers rather than with the whole hand or arm, as in handling.
Grasping: Applying pressure to an object with the fingers and palm.
Feeling: Perceiving attributes of objects such as size, shape, temperature or texture by touching with the skin, particularly that of the fingertips.
Talking: Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word. Those activities that demand detailed or important instructions spoken to other workers accurately, loudly or quickly.
Hearing: Perceiving the nature of sounds with no less than a .40db. loss. Ability to receive oral communication and make fine discriminations in sound.
Repetitive Motions: Substantial movements (motions) of the wrist, hands, and/or fingers.
Driving: Minimum standards required by State Law (including license).

Environmental Conditions to which incumbent is exposed (please check all that apply)
None: The worker is not substantially exposed to adverse environmental conditions (such as typical office or administrative work).
The worker is subject to inside environmental conditions: Protection from weather conditions but not necessarily from temperature changes (i.e. warehouses, covered loading docks, garages, etc.)
The worker is subject to outside environmental conditions: No effective protection from weather.
The worker is subject to extreme cold: Temperatures below 32 degrees for periods of more than one hour.
The worker is subject to extreme heat: Temperatures above 100 degrees for periods of more than one hour.
The worker is subject to noise: There is sufficient noise to cause the worker to shout in order to be heard above the surrounding noise level.
The worker is subject to vibration: Exposure to oscillating movements of the extremities or whole body.
The worker is subject to hazards: Includes a variety of physical conditions, such as proximity to moving mechanical parts, electrical current, working on scaffolding and high places or exposure to chemicals.
The worker is subject to atmospheric conditions: One or more of the following conditions that affect the respiratory system or the skin: Fumes, odors, dust, mists, gases or poor ventilation.
The worker is subject to oils: There is air and/or skin exposure to oils and other cutting fluids.
The worker is required to wear a respirator.

Is travel required? Please describe frequency and means of travel (drive, air, train, etc.).

Must have good interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with others in a professional manner.

Certified forklift training provided by the Mill.

Expected salary:

Location: Cowpens, SC

Job date: Sun, 19 Jun 2022 01:17:09 GMT

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