Job Vacancy General Laborer I TekWissen

Job title: General Laborer I

Company: TekWissen

Job description: Description:

Performs one of more of the following Industrial or Production roles:

1. Bonding – Bonds aircraft interior structures and parts

2. Cleaning – repairs aircraft interior structures and parts for shipment

3. Decor – applies decorative material

4, Electrical Installation – installs and attaches aircraft interior electrical components using engineering drawings, company and customer specifications

5. Fill & Fair/Sanding – prepares aircraft interior parts for decorative material application by filling and fairing plastic, metal, and composite parts and units using filling material

6. Product Tester – performs product testing

7. Edge & Fill – applies edge fill and/or inserts and insert adhesive to panels per engineering drawings and company procedures

8. Lay-Up – constructs aircraft interior parts by laying-up resin impregnated reinforcements (glass, carbon, etc), film adhesives and core in a sequence and processes in an oven as described on engineering drawings and company specifications

9. Maintenance/Repair – maintains and fixes tools and machinery

10. Production Worker – perform various construction tasks

11. Warehouse – Perform daily stockroom activities including material transactions, put-away and cycle counting

12. Sheet Metal – fabricates parts, assemblies, and systems with a variety of materials, processes, and equipment

13. Painting/Spraying – Applies paint, paint primer, d cor adhesive, d cor primer or other coatings to plastic, metal, wood, and composite aircraft parts and structure using regulated spray equipment

Experience: 0-2 years

Entry-level job with little or no prior relevant experience

Work is prescribed and completed with close supervision and little autonomy

Duties are clearly defined and methods and tasks are described in detail EnteredNameComment

01/13/2022 07:42 AM Carrasquillo, Matthew Reason: Cancelled No Longer Needed

10/16/2021 09:06 AM Crystal Lopez Internally called Detailer or Fill & Fair

Expected salary:

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Job date: Wed, 31 Aug 2022 22:16:25 GMT

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